Sunday, January 21, 2018

Theramore VR

Welcome To Theramore, Have You Come To Aid The Alliance?

Optimized Version Now Available! 

Stay updated here:

Download (Smooth frames beautiful Oculus, Vive and WMR compatible optimized wow! wee version):!oXJEgBSQ!QKnYD54AU_sJvyC0gT-m04Kz3NiQzHLAKWCkGMRPQWI

Download (Heavy version):!4f5SRQ4C!NGVLFO0y9wthsWLLgoYtKF8eSY3Uz3GZW1AjIneE9-k

360 3D Google cardboard video: coming soon

PASSWORD: kul tiras

Enjoy VR fam, 
Now Jack into the metaverse!

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